GRBL CNC PCB is designed when I needed a new controller for my CNC machine. I got really interested to try the GRBL open source code on a STM32F103T8 µC. Therefore I design this board. If interessted in the PCB, send me an message at CONTACT ME

Board containing :

  • X, Y, Z, A, STEP
  • X, Y, Z, A, DIR
  • 8 Optocupler input (12VDC – 42VDC)
  • 4 Relay input (30VDC 2A)
  • Possibility of exstra I2C memory>
  • Switch regulators 5VDC & 3,3VDC
  • ST-link connector
  • I2C Conector (LCD Display)
  • PWM signal output for spindel
  • Spindel direction output